Coming Back Home

I have been working on Patreon and Instagram more lately, but I also want to come back to where I started, on this Blog. A lot of the editing processes have changed on the WordPress platform so it may take me a minute to catch back up. My content may have less writing and a lot more brief posts about things I am working on. I am starting to create more videos I hope you enjoy them.

This is my latest video about how I came across Nature art and where I am going with it. Oh and do you like my new catch phrases “Hello my Nature loving friends.” and ending “Lots of Love”? I’m not sure if I like it yet, lol, kinda feels corny, but I want to start and end with something to my listeners. See you all soon! ~ Mandi ❤

Patreon Launch

I have been working on the launch of my Patreon account since November of last year. I will be publishing “Unfolding the Heart, with Mandi Bradshaw” tomorrow on February 1st! I’m excited, scared, and ready to take on this new adventure of taking my art more seriously.

Here is a sample of what the tiers will look like.

I want to thank everyone over the years that have given me the courage to move forward with the art I love to create. I specifically want to thank a very dear teacher that I had while at MUM. Thank you Dara for watering my love of writing and for being there at the creation of this blog. Along side of my mother, father and boyfriend, you have helped nurture my confidence to get where I am today. (((Hugs))) ❤.

Alright, here we go my nature friends! Lots of love and see ya soon ~ Mandi 😊💞

Fall into the Arts

This year I was looking forward to all the different events and possibilities of presenting my Nature Art, but so many things have changed. All Arts and craft shows have been cancelled due to Covid to help stop the spread of this wild virus. I felt discouraged and helpless, I thought “this year for sure I will show what comes through me.” And maybe I wasn’t too far off from that thought.

Today I realized, now is the time, today is the day to reveal to as many people what nature and I can create. I have decided to start my own “Fall into the Arts” event. ❤ So, I am putting myself out there. I’m going to reach out to magazines, call galleries, and check out new ways to sell art on the internet.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, please let me know <3. I would like to thank all my past, present and future readers for helping me push forward everyday! World, here I come!


I decided to make a collage of most of my Nature portraits, and am surprised about my growth ❤. From left to right, top to down, oldest to newest, each one gives to the next. 😊

Dragonflies and Nature

Last week had a few curves that I thought were going to happen, but in the end everything worked out. Funny how that seems to happen after relaxing outside with nature.

One thing that remained a focus the whole week were dragonflies. I had seen quite a few this month, but had more experiences with them on one particular day.

I meditated for the first time in a long time and had this little visitor join me. He stayed long enough to enjoy or add to my meditation and then flew away when I was done.

Dragonflies, in many cultures, symbolise change and adaptability. Almost all of this morning I was swirling in thoughts of fear. As I walked back to my car, though,  I felt calm and resolved.

My healing sanctuary was my mother and I’s “safe spot”, from last week’s post Week of Reflections. The lake was still in full bloom of lotus flowers, which I was extremely happy about! 😊 And yet again I came across another dragonfly. ❤

Another dragonfly ❤

One thing that I found interesting about the many dragonflies I had seen, is that every one of them were either blue or had a blue tail and green body. Blue has always symbolised calm for me and green as healing. I’m going to get deep with ya for a moment, but I have always wondered if we create each moment as we breathe or that things “pop” up to aid us in our creations of each day…

Like me being trapped in fear and wanting to break free; and then a particular animal or color begins to be predominant of my day. Is this chance, coincidence, or creation? I guess we may never know, lol. Either way, I am grateful for this life and its many transformations. We don’t need to always figure things out, it’s mostly about the experience and love that we get out of it.

Oh and as promised, I finished up another nature portrait that I was working on. I had fun experimenting with shavings from a “writable” rock. It was the first time I felt like I was using natural pigment. I mean, look at what it did for those eyes 😍. I love it! I may add a few more things to her, but I feel good with how she looks 😁💖.

See you soon! 😊

Week of Reflections

“All of Nature is Cosmic”

In need of some respite early in the week, my mother suggested that we visit “our spot”, which we hadn’t been to in awhile.

The lake was full of so much life. My mother spotted a purple dragonfly with a blue butt. ❤ All of the lotus flowers on the lake were in full bloom. We watched a large family of 20+ geese. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of the fish, but we had fun watching them as well.

After our visit to “our lake” I left a heart behind for others to find.

Later in the week, I gained some inspiration from my boyfriend’s space game 😊 and created the featured picture “All of Nature is Cosmic” and did a few different renditions. I think us watching shows about stars also helped too. Lol 🌌☀

A New Week Ahead

I’m allowing myself to be easy with my posts as I get my “writing legs” 😉 back. It’s been along time since I’ve posted regularly and I want to have fun posting again. This upcoming week I’m planning on working on a nature portrait or two. Here’s to a new week 😁, I hope you all have a wonderful one ❤!

Untitled Love

All too often, I find myself being hard on myself. I tend to give more love to others than myself. I realised I jumped the gun on restarting the blog. I forgot to post last Sunday because I was trying to force myself into a new routine that I wasn’t 100% ready for.

When I remembered I was supposed to post something, and didn’t, I started to beat myself up. I thought “well, I messed up. Maybe I should give this all up.” But I don’t want to give up again. I have worked hard on this blog and it has brought me many rewards in the past.

I’m not going anywhere this time. So, this year I want to dedicate my “Give love Project”(creating hearts from nature) to myself and I hope you all do the same for yourselves too. We all need a little love and its best to start with ourselves. See you soon! 😊 💖

Starting Back Up

I’m revamping Unfolding the Heart and am posting in the blog every opportunity that I can. This Sunday’s post will dive more into the “Give Love Project” going on now until the 23rd of July.

New things added to the site:

1. I bought again, so no ads and hopefully easier access for my readers.

2. An Art Portfolio is now added to the top pages/menus. Feel free to browse through and comment on your favorite pieces ❤.

3. I now have a small shop set up on Etsy!

I am happy to be starting this blog adventure again and hope to hear more from my readers soon! See you soon! ❤ 😊