Spring Blooms 2018

Summer is approaching fast! The pictures are a little late, but who doesn’t love to see Spring flowers? I’m wrapping up all my spring pics from this year into this post, enjoy!

The first few blooms I came across this spring were the blue and purple flowers.

Violets, Blue Glory of the Snow, Blue Moon Dutch Crocus and Siberian Squill

Daffodils, Grape Hyacinth, Magnolia, and a Dandolion

Then yellow and red.

Dandolions, golden finch, robin, and I’ll look into the red flowers soon.

My favorite pictures were of these above. There’s just something about the blooms that resembled fairies dancing or posing πŸ™‚ .

Lastly, I’d like to thank my little guy Odin again for getting me out to walk and take pictures. He likes to sniff and enjoy the flowers too! He really has been a great blessing to my boyfriend and I’s lives ❀. That’s it for this Spring! Soon there will be summer flowers πŸ˜‰ .

Next week’s posts will be all about the Sleeping bear dunes national park and the campgrounds there. I’ll be going back to posting Thursday and Saturday next week. See you then! ~❀

Spring into the Arts

On May 18th I had my 2nd showing at an artwalk. Things didn’t seem like they would go as planned but in the end everything turned out just fine. Though, I’ll make sure I am more prepared next time!

About a week before the event, I realized I needed to do something different from my Fall display. This time I wanted to show a wide range of the work that I do so, I needed fixtures that could hold more than before.

I found a brass display and was given an easle by my boyfriend’s mother. My mother and god mother helped fix them up to hold hold 3 times what they would before. Although, I think next time I’ll do something different with the brass display.

I sold all of the nature crafts that I brought, four printed books of my nature hearts, and a few 8×10 prints. I got a lot of feedback as to which pictures were liked the most and realized that the nature crafts were well received.

After the show I saw that I got on the enquired website again in my hometown. The cool thing about this pic is that I was talking to my art teacher from grade school ❀.

Flashback to the Fall Artwalk

Fall into the Arts 2017

Last year I was on the enquirer website too, so hopefully that means I’m getting some fans of my work by showing at these walks. I’m not sure which display I like better though, the one I just had or this one.


Which display did you like better? Do you have any suggestions?

Saturday’s post

This Saturday I’ll be posting some of my recent spring photos. See you soon!

McCourtie Park


I have lived in Michigan most of my life, and have only seen a portion of it’s natural and created places. In late March a friend of mine mentioned a place I had never heard of, a park with all cement bridges that were made to look like the texture of wooden bridges. Who knew this charming place was just an hour drive away.



To know more about this park check out it’s Wikipedia link or click on the picture below to read the green sign.



We first stumbled upon these lookalike stumps that are actually chimneys to the house above.




Each bridge had its own personality and charm. The texture really was amazing! I often thought that maybe cement had been poured over wood.Β 



Along the way to each bridge were interesting abstract images in the water that flowed underneath and inside man made ponds.



Besides the cement bridges the park also had benches, large bird houses, a pond, a water fountain and so much more.



My Friend, Susan, that introduced us to this place managed to take a few pics of me in my element with nature.



My favorite experience here, was of meeting the huge tree in the center! Well that and seeing these little guys below.





I hope you feel as if you walked through the park with us! I’m thinking of doing more walks like this. What did you think about all the pictures, were there too many or was it all enjoyable?


I’ll be posting again in 2 days. Thursday’s post will be about the “Spring into the Arts” art walk, that happened May 18th. See ya then!


Okay Catch Up Time!

Alright, I have been gone too long! This month has been crazy! I’ve got so many upcoming posts about all the projects and fun little trips that happened in May. Here is a sneak peek of these future posts~ ❀ .

McCourtie Park

One post that I’ve been wanting to share is of a park in Michigan called McCourtie Park. All of the bridges are made out of cement, but made to look like wooden bridges. A friend of mine suggested the place so her, my mother and I had to check it out! It felt like we stepped into the “Shire”.

2018 Spring in Bloom

When the flowers started to bloom I made a point to get out and take as many pictures as I could, and I have a lot too! ^_^

Spring into the Arts 2018

I was not as prepared for this artwalk like I thought I would be. I had my doubts about how my display would look this year at the Spring into the Arts, but in the end I had my wonderful family and friends to help me bring everything together! ❀ I couldn’t have done it without all the support.

Sleeping Bear Dunes 2018

After being on edge all last year, my mother and I decided to distress (celebrate her being in remission) and take time out to have ourselves a little vacation up to the Sleeping Bear Dunes national park. In the pinky finger of Michigan πŸ˜‰ , we went camping, visited Lake Michigan a few times, and took a ton of pictures! It was definitely a trip well worth taking ^_^ ❀ .

Sleeping Bear Dunes Throwback 2012

After taking the trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes with my mother this year, I was inspired to share my first trip there in 2012. I had gone there to test myself and to see if I could camp and work at the national park by myself. I didn’t end up working there but I had an amazing five days that I will never forget!

There is much more to come! I’m thinking about posting these topics on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday next week. It’s so good to be back ^_^ see ya then!

The Heart of Art Event

On May 12th I participated in a fundraiser for our local Art Center, “the Heart of Art”. I thought my nature hearts would be perfect for the event. I dropped off my 36×24 inch piece near the end of March and didn’t see it until the day of the event. When I walked in my piece was the first thing people saw as they walked into the silent auction. I couldn’t believe it!

I walked around to see the other things for sale and saw a lot of cool pictures, necklaces, clothing and basket packages . I had my eye on a few things too, but was outbid near the end. The one I really wanted was in the top left picture, the black boats against a red sunset.

This one was done by my art teacher Kay Doyle

At the end of the day I noticed my “Love of Nature” picture had sold for a greater amount than I thought it would. When I looked at the name of its new owner I just about cried! It was my art teacher from fifth grade ❀! For some reason it felt like one of my biggest achievements 😊. I learned a lot from this fundraiser and think I’ll do another one in the future.

See you all this Saturday. Now that I don’t have any projects until September, I have more time for the blog and my art! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do πŸ˜‰ . See ya soon!

Some Changes

I’ve been working on adding a professional Portfolio to the main page of unfoldingtheheart.com.Β It will be done by next Friday, the 18th, by 5pm.

That way people can go through my art, contact me for commissions or to purchase my previous art. These are a few of the buttons I’ll have to go into other pages. Which ones do you like or could use improvement? I haven’t done this type of website work before so anything helps, lol! Have a wonderful day and see you all soon, with a new look!


This will be similar to the main page. I have a few things to fix or redo.


This is just a base of the Art portfolio. These buttons will lead to the actual work.



Nature Faces Unfolding


I thought I’d pop in today and I needed a nice break from working on the blog behind the scenes. So, I decided to play around with my base drawing again. I’m kind if having fun with this! I’m thinking about making a book of these to sell at the art walk. mostly an empty ones like the picture in the middle that an adult or parent and child can use as a base to add their own “hair, accessories”.

What do you think, good idea or bad idea?