Finding the Light ~ An Introduction

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Finding the Light

I used to dream of  being happy, but I felt like happiness never stayed long when it came. When happiness did come, the feeling would quickly leave before I really had the chance to enjoy it. I felt as if I was wandering through my life with no clear direction and that I was not really living my life.


Falling through the darkness with no light, I wished for something more. I hoped that someday I would find continued happiness in my life, and then one day I did.  I could already sense the light of happiness within me, but to really see it I had to change my life. So I opened my eyes, saw a whole new world, and became my own light.


A Flash from Within

When I was searching for my happiness, I was in a job that didn’t support me. I was on depression medication. I was in a relationship that showed no growth which sparked my turning point. I pretty much felt like I wasn’t “me” or the “me” I wanted to be. In that moment, I realized I had created a life of what I thought others wanted of me, but I no longer wanted be a part of that life.


I saw everything around me was created from the thoughts that I had repeated over and over in my head.  My mind had been put on autopilot, and I had forgotten who I wanted to be. Once I looked within and noticed this misdirection, I grabbed the controls and decided to find a new path, one I truly wanted.


Embracing the Flame

All of us have our own stories; as soon as we find out that we can actually create our own future and become who we really wish to be, we can put ourselves back on the path of living our lives.


I will share more of my own experience in a following post and follow up with activities that I have done to keep me on the path to my best life. The intention that I wish to create for this blog cannot be done alone. I truly believe we are here for each other, to help us live, love and grow. I would love to hear your stories about your own leaps and bounds, what has helped you, and what keeps you inspired. The processes that can support our growth include support through sharing of personal experiences in forums, information from books and media, and writing or artistic exercises to help guide us back to ourselves and our dreams.


By fueling our lights each day, they will continue to grow brighter; sharing, communing, and bringing in the element of creativity can be ways of fueling our fires. In lighting our fires and sharing them, we will come to find that there are others who wish to do the same. So let us be the torch for each other and pass on our inspiration; nobody has to live in the darkness and everybody deserves to see that they too can create their best life.


3 thoughts on “Finding the Light ~ An Introduction

  1. Oy. This is true. Oy vey. It is true for us all.

    The journey of light is a lifted-up journey. The woods, the fields, the waters, the airs and the vapours — they all present to us a vision of ourselves, in the changing modes of nature.

    Precisely because we are nature can we see and imagine ourselves to dance. This is the fire, this is the flame, that has become my life. With the knowledge that suffering awaits all those who are disconnected, I have sought to cut out the disconnection, and replace it with the warm love that only nature can provide. This is a process that is unfathomable. I have no clue of how it happens, or where my own presence helps or hinders… I only know that the journey of those who _will be_ made whole is a sacred one.

    To follow along, as a helper, a lover, a friend, as a fellow human being makes this walk is the same exquisite wonder as watching a newly hatched nestling or a mewling kitten. Quite soon, in the blink of an eye really, this freshly-aware being will become full-grown, powerful, and resourceful. The resources commanded by an independent, determined woman are beyond what any man can imagine.

    Growth is the only thing that is sure, and growth is what we see around us, in abundance, in nature. This is a structure of life which is stuck into my own life in so many places that I do not know where I end and this idea begins. Still, for the sake of going “further up, further in” (as in the Narnia tales) I can tease-out the details of my own journey – as part of rising up to the challenge that you, Mandi, make to all those reading your words here.


  2. Dear Matthew Lindberg-Work,
    Thank you for your wonderful words and deep insight into nature reflecting our own true nature.
    “Precisely because we are nature can we see and imagine ourselves to dance.”

    I also agree with your statement “With the knowledge that suffering awaits all those who are disconnected, I have sought to cut out the disconnection, and replace it with the warm love that only nature can provide.”

    For years my only time spent in nature was just on my drive to a Full-time job and back. Not once did I “stop and smell the roses” or spend time with a tree. During that time frame my depression had increased, I felt disconnected, and had felt lost within my own life. I now take any chance I can get to bend over and smell the fresh spring daffodils, for I know they will fill my heart with love and bring me back to myself.

    I only had trouble understanding what you meant by “I only know that the journey of those who _will be_ made whole is a sacred one”, could you elaborate? Thank you again for your comment and I hope to hear more from you in the future!


  3. Ahh yes, drops of poetry in prose-style — sometimes lucid, sometimes elusive.

    Let me try and make sense. “I only know that the journey of those who _will be_ made whole is a sacred one” — this is me saying that *something* is calling, straight to the heart. People here, there, everywhere, can hear. Those people who have the farthest to travel are on the most sacred of journeys. This is a conviction of mine (from Jesus of Nazareth “The first will be last and the last will be first). So it calls to me to say that those people who are most devoted to the journey are the people who have sacredness infused in their veins — as a cause to action, and a cause to love.

    The rain falls on the good and the bad, the rich and the poor, the young and the old. This is nature. Often, I find that the people who are most devoted to observing nature are the most private. This is a form of sacredness, a creation of space where the mind is free to expand and the heart gets to float.

    Integration is something that is irresistible, yet many of us force our selves to resist (driving straight to work without “smelling the flowers”, having to break through a wall of massive pain when visiting nature again (my case several years ago), and many other more dangerous forms of resistance and destructive self-denial. Nature only carries away that which is dead. We, in our human hearts, inhabit a living body. This is a sacred thing, the realization of which is a sacred journey.


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