Communing with Nature

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Writing It Out

Throughout my life, I have found it hard to communicate with other people, so nature has become my psychologist.  Another good reason to talk with nature is that it does not ask for a service charge, and most of the time you don’t have to travel too far. I often find myself sitting at the base of a tree. With my head resting on the cool bark and slightly tilted upwards, I sit and stare out at the clouds slowly drifting by.


I ask nature about life. Never giving me a clear answer, nature leaves me to reflect on my thoughts alone, so I ask and I write. I allow emotions to come up and free themselves from my heart.  I have observed myself letting go of constraining thoughts or emotions that no longer serve me. I write poems, random thoughts, everything, and anything that comes. I have even had funny little short stories pop up.


The Healing Process

Most of the time my thoughts emerge on a piece of regular notebook paper (through writing or drawing). On days I feel off-balance, I just sit and think. My mind runs into questions like “What’s wrong with me, how did I get here, and how do I get out?” Sometimes just asking these questions is enough to release some form of block within my confused mind.


When I am outside and going through the processing of my thoughts I feel supported by nature, as if it is embracing me. This support in turn helps me to trust myself and the emotions that run through me. When I do this I end up feeling happier, refreshed, and ready to continue with my day.


As a side note: this post is one example of my pastimes in nature. Most of what you have read was written while sitting on the golden hairs of a pine tree. This writing started on a torn out piece of notebook paper and with the love from the tree behind me I bring to you its therapeutic result.


Activity ~ 10 minutes outside

Go out into nature and pick a spot that feels comfortable.  I usually go and sit by a tree, go for a walk in the woods, or just sit anywhere outside. If the sky is cloudy, you could bring an umbrella. If the weather is cold or windy, bundle up. If it’s hot, bring water and wear light clothing. Just get out there and you will be surprised to find how much you can learn about yourself from nature.


The things you’ll need:

  • A journal or notepad

  • A pencil

When you get outside write out what nature is or means to you. After that, close your eyes and use your senses. Listen to your surroundings.  Feel the sun or the wind, smell the air, and just write. During this week, feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you wrote or gained from this exercise.

For an example of what I write, check out my other blog:


4 thoughts on “Communing with Nature

  1. Thank you for sharing! There is just something about nature~ What does nature do to draw you? Is it the smells, sights, or sounds? Nature draws me in with the smells of the earth and the all the different colors of trees, flowers, and birds.


    • nature draws me in through pattern, shape, and sensory absorption. Smells especially – humid leaves in an east-coast forest, stone dust in the air after a rain, good clean soil full of humic acid (humus)…

      Patterns of light through the tree-canopy. Drifting clouds and pinkish-blue marbling of the sky. Infinity present & re-creating itself. My body lost at the junction of earth and sky.

      So different from household life. I like houses. In many case I and my loved ones make our shelters into a home. The earth itself is a vaster home, a place we sink into when we give ourselves the freedom to explore.


      • I really enjoyed the way you described the east-coast forest; “Smells especially – humid leaves in an east-coast forest, stone dust in the air after a rain, good clean soil full of humic acid (humus)…” I am also drawn in by the sight and smells of nature. I try to put words to the wonderful aroma that encircles me when walking through the woods, though the words do not come. I often have a hard time describing scents. Do you have any advice for describing fragrances in nature?

        Ahh and when you mentioned, “Patterns of light through the tree-canopy” I had an instant connection. I love the way the light of the sun brightens the dark leaves. The glow that emanates from them is breath taking. Another thing that captures me in nature is shadows. I like to take notice of the shadows left by the suns rays. I see them as another form of reflection of “objects” in nature, but with less detail.

        Household life and nature are quite different from each other. I hope to one day see houses and nature both supporting growth and freedom in the earth and ourselves. I feel most of us human beings have forgotten this necessary balance.


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