Nature’s Love and Giving Back


A Gift from Nature

I first started seeing hearts in nature last summer while I was walking along the beach. A small white rock called out to me. Bending down to get a closer look, I noticed the quarter sized stone was shaped like a heart. I instantly became flooded with love. In that moment, I somehow knew my little camping trip was going to change my life and bring me closer to loving myself, others, and nature.


A Stranger’s Love

Later in the day I saw a simple outline of multi-colored rocks forming a heart, someone’s token of gratitude to the sands. The stranger’s small gift created a spark that quickly spread through my heart and back again into nature. Love was bursting from my inner being. Though it was the beginning of summer and the lake was still cold, I proceeded to gather all the red rocks I could find in the frigid water to make my own whole heart. I decided to build my creation a few feet from the shoreline and close to the other heart. Starting with an outline, I placed all the larger rocks in the shape of a heart and filled the center with smaller stones.

When I finished my creation I turned and left it behind. The feeling that came with not knowing who my creation would bless increased the intensity of love beating within my own heart. The next day I wrote “I LOVE YOU” in the wet sand. After I had just taken a picture of the loving phrase, waves instantly washed up and cleared my work of art. At first I was surprised and slightly irritated, but then I realized my gift had been taken and accepted by the vast lake. I took what I needed and the rest was a gift to those who would accept my love.


Activity: Hearts in Nature/ Creating Your Own

Step #1

Go outside and see if you can find naturally formed hearts (either rocks, leaves, anything that seems to jump out at you) and write down the objects that looked like hearts.

Step #2

Create your own heart in nature (Please use only what you find outside to create your art piece or materials that will not hurt the environment).

Step #3

 In either writing or with a photo share what hearts you have seen out in nature and what you experienced when creating your own heart outside. Share your comments either with a link to your picture or about your experience doing this activity. For an example of hearts in nature check out my video below.


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