Blooming with Nature

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Blooms of Delight

The flowers have finally bloomed, I know right?! It’s about time! I am so grateful of their return, I was starting to wonder if the flowers and trees would ever blossom. I have noticed my spirit and mood improves when I see the unfolding of a flower. By putting my attention on the buds as they bloom, I feel encouraged to bloom with them.


Nature and Awareness

 I have been visiting a beautiful magnolia tree on my college campus. In the past week I have watched as buds turned into blossoms. The tree has beautiful pink and white flowers bursting from the branches. This tree has the largest blossoms I have ever seen. The feeling that comes with looking at the beautiful color, of deep-magenta inking its way to the top of the white petals, fills my heart with overwhelming joy.


Yesterday on my daily visit to the magnolia tree, I stretched out on the grass below and closed my eyes.  I listened to the wind blowing through the trees. The smell of the flowers danced upon my nose which enticed me to try and describe its wonderful fragrance. The petals had a sweet grassy smell that filled all of my senses with delight.


Petal Creations

The smell of the flowers had re-energized my body. I got up and looked down at the grass surrounding me. Petals had fallen with the light breeze and landed gently beside me. I felt inspiration and creativity moving through me and decided to create something with these beautiful magenta gifts.





Go to an arboretum and see what flowers are in bloom. Describe what the trees look like, if they have buds on them, or if the flowers are in full bloom. Write about the color of the blossoms and how you feel being around the tree. Try to put words to the smell of the flowers. Write back to this post and tell us of your experience.


3 thoughts on “Blooming with Nature

  1. Thank you for your post 🙂 This morning I spied a Magnolia Tree and thought of your post. I took off my sandals and walked barefoot on the freshly fallen petals. They were moist and cool against my feet, a blessed way to start hot morning. Had I not read your post I would not of even thought to pause for a moment and enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of the Magnolia I pass by almost every morning… thank you!


    • Thank you for your warm thoughts and response, it helps fuel the fire for this blog and inspires new ideas for further posts.I am glad you spent time outside in nature, doing so is very rewarding to our soul.

      I have never walked barefoot in pedals so you have helped me put a new outdoor activity on my to do list, thank you. There is just something about taking your shoes off and walking barefoot, isn’t there? (While typing I feel a grin spreading across my checks) What do you think causes us the joy of being barefoot and walking on the ground of grass, pedals, or leaves?


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