Waking Up the Child Within


Where Did They Go?
Why is it that we drop all of our childlike wonder as we “age”? What made us think that childlike innocence is not needed in our future “grown-up” life? The best things in life are usually pointed out by a child. The sweetness of discovery and awe for all things… have we really forgotten how to live?

The Life of Children
All children radiate happiness with their wonder towards everything that they see and maybe that’s why us “adults” are so fond of children. Yes they have energy, but what gives them that energy? Children enjoy each moment and they often approach an object or situation with the same wonder and awe. They really are amazing.

Can you remember the wonder you once had as a child for nature, animals, people, and adventure?

Some of my childhood memories were to:
play board games and card games with family members
play jenga
Watch the clouds
ride my bike
draw with sidewalk chalk
build an inside chair fort

What were some of your favorite activities to do as a child?


Write in your journal:

  • All the fun things that you can remember doing as a child

  • The activities you consider as too childish to do now as an adult

  • Pick one of your answers and do it!~ Enjoy!

What were some of your favorite activities to do as a child? See if there is anything from what you wrote — a sentence, or even a simple phrase — that calls out to you as something to share. Feel free to leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Waking Up the Child Within

  1. I am doing it! I am building a tiny house so I can sleep at night in a loft… which reminds me of the tent forts I use to make. And I’m dedicating one of my valuable space cubbies for our family games and cards. Because in a Tiny House you have less housework, cleaning, and overtime work to pay a mortgage… so we will be playing lots of family games 🙂
    Thank you for the sweet childhood memories Amanda… you are wonderful!


    • Have you posted any pictures of your house on your blog yet? I am very interested in one day building my own tiny house too! Yeah a tiny house is kind of like a fort. I had always wanted a tree fort, building a tiny house could fulfill part of that desire ^_^ I also like your great idea of making a special cubby just for board games. What type of games does your family like to play?

      My mother likes Scrabble, Sequence, and Boggle 🙂


  2. I played chair forts also as a child and truly felt they were real forts. I felt safe and strong in my “fort” and wouldn’t mind constructing one today. Great memory.


    • Building forts was one of my favorite things to do as a child. I would take the cushions off the couch and have them as my bed in the tent. My parents got tired of the forts after awhile because I wouldn’t put away the things I used to build it, a couch is not as comfy when the cushions are missing 😉 I am always happy to bring up fond memories!


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