Cloud Watching


A Childhood Whisper
For years I would glance up at the sky, barely take notice of the beauty that was above me,  and then go about to my day. As a child I would often lie in the grass and watch the clouds go by with my mother or friends. While looking up, my favorite thing to do was to pick out shapes or objects in the clouds (seeing a cat, a dog, an elephant or alligator). Now-a-days I see faces in the clouds, that and of course hearts.


Flaming Clouds
The other night while walking home from dinner I glanced  at the setting sun to my left. Surprised by the beauty that was before me, I stopped and sat down on the grassy hill. Off into the distance  were fluffy (cumulus) clouds  in the sky. Near the setting sun though were wispy feather like (stratus) clouds. These were the clouds that caught my attention.


The sun had colored the clouds a bright pink which soon turned orange. Turning my head to the side as if trying to turn the skies upside-down, laughing I thought, the clouds look like flames. Though these flames barely moved I felt as if the spring’s heat was from them and not the sun. I did not stay to watch them burnout, for they had left a burning in my heart to create something to reflect my experience upon the pages of my journal.


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