Nature Art


What is Nature Art?

My definition of Nature art is an art piece made from the materials of an environment. A person gathers materials outside and uses them to form a piece of art. The piece is then left behind for nature and to bless any other visitors that may pass by.


My Inspiration

I first discovered this form of art in a college course called “Art in Nature”. We created our own art and looked at other nature artists. The one that took my breath away and inspired me the most was Andy Goldsworthy. You can check out his artwork with this link:

Andy Goldsworthy Art


Nature’s Effect

I never start off with an idea of what I would like to make until I have gathered the materials.  I like to pick out earth tones of dark green, tans, and browns. Every now and then I run across colorful flowers that have fallen from their stem and use the bright colors in my piece. When I am outside making something out of sticks or leaves, I get into a zone of pure wakefulness. The world around me opens my senses to another level and my life becomes clear. After I struggle for a bit with the way the art piece looks I see it come together and form into something beautiful…though not always lol and that’s okay too.


Below is a video of Nature art I’ve made. Most of the pieces I have made were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.


For a Nature Activity click here.

9 thoughts on “Nature Art

  1. Mandi, the best posting so far! The artwork is beautiful and inventive, and the video is so helpful. You describe experiences that I want in my life. Cheers!


    • Thank you for your support and I am glad you enjoyed the post. Creating nature art is one of my favorite things to do. If you happen to create something, take a picture. I would love to see and feature the work made by readers of Unfolding the Heart.


    • Also, this reminds me of what I use to do with my children at family gatherings (Thanksgiving, reunions, etc.) we would go outside and make place settings for the table from a variety of natural materials we found outside. Some of them ended up beautiful. I wonder why we stopped this family tradition? Thank you for your post. I may start our tradition back up again!


      • What a great idea, I didn’t think of making nature art for family gatherings. Creating a group project together as a family would be a rewarding and memorable activity. Thank you for sharing your idea Heather! 🙂


    • Art can be made anywhere, so why not start with what nature gives us ;). You could probably use the sand at the reservoir… Thank you Hal 🙂 that gives me a project to do when I return to in the Fall!


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