Star Struck


When was the last time you looked up at the stars in wonder? My last visit with the stars was just a few days ago while on a camping trip with a friend. I stopped what I was doing and just gazed up at them with the same greeting you would give an old friend.

Like Bugs to a Light 

Why do the stars captivate our hearts? I find myself going outside and looking at the stars more often. I like to lay on the grass and look up at them shining back at me. I ask the old stars questions such as what it is I am doing with my life, why, and what to do next.  Somehow just laying in the arms of the earth on a cold clear night can clear my fearful emotions. For me, the stars are like far away lighthouses guiding me back home to myself. I am free to go forward with my dreams, for it is the fear of not reaching my dreams that brings me to the stars to begin with.

Wishing Upon a Star

As a child I remember wishing on stars for silly things like: having so and so love me or for some random fad item. Now when I see a shooting star I wish to know more of myself and to love myself more.

What do you wish for?


On a clear night sit outside under the stars and try to point out constellations that you may know or just take notice of the grouping of stars. Write out how you feel in that moment and any other thoughts that run across your mind, then just relax. Happy star gazing!

I found this song on YouTube by the Celtic women and wanted to share 🙂

3 thoughts on “Star Struck

  1. Looking at the vastness of the heavens opens wonder and reminds me of my tiny place in the wholeness. “When you wish upon a star” is a childhood favorite and is on my “innocent happy” iPhone playlist. (I assume you know the Disney, Jiminy Cricket origin.)


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