A Heartfelt Message



Expand the heart for all it wants to do is love

On days that I feel down,  I often find myself looking at the ground. I am usually searching for something from my surroundings to explain meaning . When I hear the voices of my friends call to me, it breaks me away from my wandering trance. They bring me back to the world of “Now” with an embracive hug and fill me with their love.


I am so grateful to have such dear friends in my life to remind me of my true nature, but I wonder…  “do the people that keep their eyes to the ground feel they have nothing to look up to?” This question brought me to an interesting discovery as to why I display my hearts on random paths.


I have been in the shoes of a person that has lost their way within themselves and know its not always pretty, but I have found that love from others can help me see more to myself. In creating these simple shapes of love I have done more than create a piece of art.  I have unconsciously been giving back to my old self that kept her head to the ground. The most fulfilling thing though comes with leaving the hearts to bless others that were either in the same state as I was before or for someone that just needed a little love,  “look up.”


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