Winter’s Warmth Poem

***Winter’s Warmth***

To the snow that brought me snow days

and time away from school.

The snow that gave me a trip down a hill

and had me laughing like a fool.


The snow that fell upon my tongue

and filled me with such glee.

Snow forts, snow fights and snowmen

were all built by you and me.


Today the snow is a bother

to those who can no longer see,

That the snow can bring happiness

if we allow ourselves to be free!


~Be a child again and have fun with the snow ;)~

2 thoughts on “Winter’s Warmth Poem

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. 🙂

    Even though we have grown up, it doesn’t mean we have to leave our childhood wonder behind. I think what was most exciting being a kid is we lived more in those precious moments.


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