Winter Blues?



Winter can be a boring and irritating time for any adult. Especially with lots of snow on the ground, but have snowy days always been that way? Where did the “winter wonderland” of our childhood go?


Tracking through the snow...



Last year I caught myself bickering about the snow, “Why does it have to snow soo much… Why does it have to be soo cold!” After a few more complaining thoughts I stopped and asked myself what happened to my love of the snow?


Flash backs of the past stuck me, I saw my brother and I riding on sleds down the hill behind my house. The two of us tunneling under snow banks in the driveway, claiming it as our fort. And my spinning body with head tilt back catching large snowflakes as they fell from the sky. The bickering stopped and in that moment I chose to look at the snow in the same way as I once had, with love and thanks.


To reclaim my love of the snow I started by making heart footprints. I spelled out “Love” and “I love you” on the ground near walkways.  My creativity broadened and I began building snow hearts instead of snow men. The cold seemed to lift away as the gratitude of winter rose within. Before I knew it my “winter wonderland” came sweeping back into my heart.


This year I have continued my practice of gratitude and have come up with new ideas of play in the snow. Below is a short video of this year’s work, I hope you enjoy! Next time you feel the winter blues, try making a heart in the snow and if it goes away let us know. 🙂


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