Winter’s Lesson

DSCF0425-001                           This piece is the size of a large snowball, just big enough to hug. 😉

Inner Reflection

When ever I feel farthest from myself mentally and emotionally, I turn to nature for a cure. I sit with nature and let it cleanse my soul of old thoughts that no longer serve me. For the past year I have been creating snow hearts and nature designs to help me feel more connected with nature. What I have learned the most is that nature reminds me to love myself and my surroundings. To love what is right in front of me and know that I am where I need to be in that moment.


Nature Art

By creating nature art I feel at peace within myself,  it is a form of meditation for me. The process of creation empties my thoughts of past and future. My mind is then free to play in the moment with what I have. Once the process is complete, I am filled with a lively attitude to take on anything.


I am grateful of these past few months. Yes, winter was a frigid one this year, but I was able to find warmth within my heart from the snow.



How do you feel after being out in nature? What brings you to a place of calm? What do you love to create?



2 thoughts on “Winter’s Lesson

  1. I love what you say about nature and your art. I feel that same connection to nature. Some times just the sound of the geese flying overhead can lift my spirit as high as they. Nature offers us so much, and you offer your viewers so much by sharing your connection.


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