Love and Support

Love and Smiles Courtesy of: Pia Fritsch

Unfolding the Heart will be celebrating its first year on April 11th and I wanted to look back at all the help that has kept the blog going. I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of the readers, thank you!

A few people I would like to thank are:

Dara Llewellyn 

Matthew Lindberg-Work

Heather Caldwell

Hal Goldstein

Brandon Bradshaw

Wendy Bradshaw

Johnella Mathley

Pia Fritsch

And all the people that have liked the posts on Facebook!


Collective comments of different posts/ pictures.

What’s Next?

This year I aim at bringing the readers into the blog by featuring other artists (poets, sculpture, photographers, painters, ext.) and giving away gift cards for art contests. What do you think could make the blog more interactive?

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