Love Flows


Guest Post: Dara Llewellyn

Kindness springs spontaneously from a strong heart. When a person is deeply centered in that infinite and silent experience of a full heart, love and caring just naturally flow out into the environment. It is a blessing to be around an individual with a full heart, for one receives kind words and gestures on a regular basis—from smiles to hugs to wonderful images in nature.


A full heart finds expressions of love everywhere—in friends, in strangers, on snowy sidewalks, in sand, and in snow. Love simply flows out and finds its likeness. When an artist is the conduit for this flow of love from the heart, wonderful images of this expression can be found everywhere.


I delight in your Unfolding the Heart site because the posts are so tuned to the experience of love and appreciation. Mandi, your loving attitude and your appreciative eye and your very strong heart are a joyful addition to my life and everyone who views your posts.


I’m glad that you are sharing your motivations and process also in your posts. Your thoughts in this regard enrich the experience that all of us who follow your site enjoy.


Infinite hugs, Dara


 You can read more from Dara at her blog site through MUM, Reflective Writing. Thank you Dara for your post and support to the blog!


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