Fallen Blooms Still Glow



The long winter has finally allowed spring to come forth and as much as I enjoyed the snow, I am overjoyed to see the flowers in bloom!


This past week I’ve been keeping an eye on my Mother’s Azaleas as they went from buds to flowers and this morning  I woke to find an overnight’s frost caused the flowers to drop off the branches. I was saddened by the length of time I had left with them so I decided to create something new with the soft magenta pedals.


 DSCF0593          DSCF0599


In my pajamas and holey crocs, I walked outside through the icy lawn and had to I remind myself of a quote from Andy Goldsworthy, “good art keeps you warm”. The  yellow glow of the morning sunrise stretched across the lawn pointing me to my destination,  a spot on the hill. The lush grass was a perfect contrast to the dusty pink flowers. And by the time that I was done, Andy Goldsworthy’s quote proved to be true. Here’s hoping for more warm weather!



Welcome back spring! We missed you!


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