You Don’t Have to Look for Love


Love will find you

The other day while outside with my camera I came across this metallic crimson bloom. I first tried taking pictures from underneath the tulip as part of my “from below” series, but it just didn’t feel right. I then decided to shoot from above and I found what was needed in the picture, love. I laughed at myself from this discovery, everywhere I look hearts seem to find me. I find myself very blessed these days, even though I miss my friends from college and my time away from home I can see what I learned in my time away, “Love is around me and within me no matter where I go.”


I later found this as I was stopping to smell the “lilacs” 😉 .  It’s funny,  when I stop looking for a good picture another pops up when I least expect it. Caught in a moment of fun/ euphoria/ bliss, I am grateful to have noticed the love that nature gives me.




2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Look for Love

    • Thank you for the repost! I should have added your tree picture, would it be okay if I used it in an upcoming post?


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