Lights within the Heart


I have so many things to say,

and I thought you should know.

At how much you have meant to me,

and have helped me as I’ve grown.


To my mother, father, sister, brother,

teacher, cousin, friend,

stranger, lover, passer byer,

I’ll love you till the end.


We may have gone our separate ways

in this life we play,

but your happiness of joy and love

are still with me everyday.


Thank you for the smiles

and the warmth of your embrace.

Thank you for the love you gave,

for your beauty and your grace.


Thank you for the laughter

and the times that we had shared.

Thank you for seeing me as “me”,

and showing that you cared.


For I have grown soo much from you

and had not realized it till now.

So as for thanks to what you’ve done

I give this solemn vow.


I will continue to carry you,

in my heart as I did before.

The difference is that now its deeper,

and embedded in its core.


One thought on “Lights within the Heart

  1. I wrote this poem in 2012 while in college at MUM. I felt the need to share once again for all to see ^_^


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