From Below


A Spark of Curiosity

Since the “Reflections of Shadows” post, I’ve been looking closer at other forms/angles of photography that interest me. “From below” is a series of photos I like to take of flowers, leaves, and grass.


When I look closer as to why this angle is so captivating, I discover that it is because I want to know what the flowers/ plants look towards. I’ve spent so much time looking down at plants, that to look up from underneath I get a new perspective.



New Eyes

The bright blue sky and the occasional cloud passes by. I experience the strength of the stem that holds it’s bloom to what appears to be the heavens. Life teems of other creatures on this simple plant. Plants don’t just reach for the sun and grow, they also provide an abode for a larger community that has been forgotten to my eyes.


If I keep myself in a state of wonder for new discovery then I will continue to learn more about my surroundings and myself. Have you ever looked at life in this way? What have you learned from self discovery that may help others see a new perspective?


3 thoughts on “From Below

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