A Rockin Guest Artist

IMG_1112-001Featuring Steve Hills

By Happenstance
I happened to meet Steve while working at the Y a few months ago. I noticed his shirt, which had “Bob’s blog” written on the back and thought I’d ask him about it and tell him about my own. When I told him about my heart rocks and nature art, his face lit up with a smile and he shared with me a story about his rock art.


About the Artist
Steve was a science teacher for many years and had helped kids learn about science through the use of art. For the past 20yrs he has been rescuing rocks from the elements and turning them into alluring art. “It’s what I call rock rescue; finding a rock that is exposed to the harsh world of weathering and sheltering it within my home or yard. I also enjoy taking our grandchildren for walks in nature, and having them share what they find.” His heart rock collection started after a delicate experience and from there has evolved into nature art creations of animals and faces. He continues his rock art by inviting the neighborhood kids to come over with his grandchildren and form rock faces on the diningroom table.


IMG_1463 IMG_1438


A Point of Reflection
I am grateful to have met Steve, to have found a local artist at such a coincidental moment has brought a great joy to my heart. If I would not have slowed down and asked him about his shirt I would have missed a wonderful opportunity, so to end this post I’d like to leave off with one more piece from Steve:

photo 1


If you’d like to see more of Steve’s wonderful rock art you can go to his Google plus page and friend him there.

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