A Summer Storm

I saw this quote on a friend’s Facebook post and thought I’d share:


“What is it about a rain storm that draws us into our soul? A gradual mystical state of conscious slowly envelops you as you experience the shifting forces in the wind picking up momentum. The leaves in all the trees become a symphony of rattling sounds, as they bend with the increasing warm winds. The scent of the oncoming rain fills the air with that fresh rush of warning – soon the rain will follow. Thunder rumbles in the background, as streaks of lightening highlight the darkening skies….The air is charging with electricity and every plant in the garden waits in anticipation of getting nourished from electrical water. Nothing is as alive as a summer storm. I close my eyes while sitting on my porch, absorbing the wind and the sounds of the coming storm. I imagine the force rushing through my body, my mind, my spirit – charging my being with its natural life system. I drift into a prayer with nature itself….I try to smell the scent of the evergreens and the earth. My hair rustles like the leaves and I breathe the fresh air into my body. I drift into prayer….Lord, let these brilliant forces of nature cleanse my being of all that is disruptive. Flush out fragments and irritants. Refresh my soul and recharge my being…..
And then I hear the rain. It falls on my body and drips on my face….and it feels like water from heaven.”
— Caroline Myss


 This notation reminded me of a previous post “Rain Reflection“.

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