Pick a Sense, Any Sense


In a previous post, “Where Am I?”,  I had played on the thought about how “the senses have a key role in anchoring the mind into the present point of time,” and so I thought I’d look at the sense of sound. I sat outside the other evening and closed my eyes, focusing all my attention on what I could hear.

Waves of music

Constant sound of crickets,

chirps here and there.

A bird calls “wee wah wah”.

The ocean waves of a car drives by.

A strange humming noise is present,

like a running steamer.

Pit pat pit pat,

on top of the swing’s awning.

The rain picks up, giving off the sound of a steady drum.

Its as if the rain brought with it more sounds:

A churchs’ bells ring to a tune a I do not know.

A car door slams and a voice is muffled.

All the while plop plop plop rain strikes the leaves of the tree to my left and right.

A car honks.

Is that fireworks?

No I think that was more birds…

Like tiny scratches on a chalkboard a squirrel chatters to my left.

The rain continues to fall, but

the crickets still sing as the birds are now silent.


All around me sounds create their own world of life. Had I not known the creatures and objects from which these noises came from, this experience would have been either frightening or like listening to an orchestra from out of this world.


Activity Challenge:

Pay attention to the senses, can you focus on one sense and write a story?

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