Healing Waters

DSCF8923 - Copy-002

My feet carry me to the edge of the shore.

Toes touch water and I am coaxed into the loving lake.

Hands glide over the surface for a moment,

I hesitate to touch the reflections of the dancing sky,

then let my fingers sink into the heavens.

Falling backwards, I give myself to the lake with full trust.

Water floods over me as my knees buckle and rest upon the lake’s floor.

The refreshing feeling that comes with going under the water

is like being embraced by a long time friend.

My next breath meets the sweet air of new life and as I open my eyes

I am back in my room, ready to start this new day.

8 thoughts on “Healing Waters

  1. The imagery is excellent, the personification is awesome. It makes me want to walk into the water at a beach and fall face-first into it. 😛


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