Blow With the Wind


Wind Reflections

I sit in my backyard and listen to the environment around me. The wind ruffles through the leaves and makes a sound that could be compared to gallons of water rushing over falls. Just like water against rock, the element of wind can wreck havoc on trees. So today as the wind blew around me I reflected on my experience from earlier that day.


Unseen Windstorm
I had quite an awful day at work to say the least. To sum it up a customer came up to me irate about a simple matter. I kept calm and tried to explain I was sorry for her anger and that I was doing my best to communicate the problem, but she would not listen. Like daggers she stabbed me with one word after another. When she left the front desk, I went into the back office and bawled my eyes out from the attack. I broke… Like the tree that could not withstand the wind I broke.


Teachings of Nature
A branch above me wined and I was brought back to my seat against the tree. Maybe I could learn from the dance between the wind and the trees. Instead of a forceful gust I could relate it to another person’s emotions and the branches as my mental state. Instead of breaking from anger and confrontation I could just bend with their emotions, they are not mine anyway so why strain, why break under another person’s pressure. Just stay calm, stand strongly with my roots(feet) and blow with the wind.


3 thoughts on “Blow With the Wind

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