Rx Camping Trip



Doctor’s Orders

Well not really doctor’s orders, but I did prescribe myself a strong dose of nature after a nerve wrecking week. I drove to the nearest campground and set up camp. My mother and her puppy Lexi kept me company during the day by riding bikes and gorging on s’mores. In the morning I took my bike through the trails and stopped every few feet to take a picture. Halfway through I realized it may have been a better idea if would have walked ;). I wandered back to camp a few hours later and packed up. As I was leaving the campgrounds, I noticed the anxiety I came there with had transformed into a playful mind and a tranquil heart, I was cured.



New folder3


Activity Challenge: Take a day trip

Either before or after stress spills over, give yourself a break and reconnect with the environment, even if it is sitting outside and breathing in the fresh air. This is one prescription you don’t have to ask a doctor for. Side effects may include: easier breathing, a relaxed mind, and a better outlook on life~ 😀


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