Under Glow


I’ve looked into why I shoot pictures of Shadows and From Below, now I’d like to look into why I am drawn to the glow of an object:

Glowing Reflections

When the clouds are out and the sun is away, a leaf’s underbelly has a chalky green color to it. The dullness of the leaf seems a bit sad compared to it’s other side which is a lush green. When the sun is shining, the brilliance of the other side shines through giving the whole leaf a spectacular glow. The sun gives the leaf what it needs and at the same time connects both sides as one. The wind comes in and blows the leaf to the side so that another leaf below it can receive the same  warmth of the sun, a give and take relationship. The strong glow of this object somehow captures life and love.

Coming Back

I think I am drawn to the “under glow” of objects because I am still trying to find my own under glow, the part of me that connects itself to this life. I seek to be lit up by life, to become transparent and as brilliant as a leaf. Maybe even as accepting towards nature and the way my life will unfold.

2 thoughts on “Under Glow

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