Dreams Unfolding


The Gear

I said to myself last year I would try and manifest a free camera to continue my work with photography, and thanks to my mother, father, and grandmas at Christmas I got one.  Next I  had to get my boots for the trails. I saved up a couple paychecks and by spring I purchased my hiking boots. And what do I plan to do with these tools? I wish to tell  stories from the pictures I gather and express the teachings I receive from nature.


From Micro to Macro

One dream is to visit the red wood forest in California. I have a special connection with trees, I see them as grandmothers and grandfathers. They hold so much wisdom and they have seen so much. I feel there is something there for me, something they wish to share with me.  I have everything I need for my trip to see the redwood forest except the guts to actually do it.


My biggest vision is to visit the oldest trees around the world, sit with them, ask them questions, and then share their knowledge in a documentary. The only thing that stops me is the fear to do it on my own. As a gentle woman, walking the unknown trails of and unknown state/country is a bit frightening.


What next?

I guess I have to get over my fears ;).


10 thoughts on “Dreams Unfolding

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    • Kathie,
      Thank you 🙂 I hope to visit them soon as well. I really enjoy seeing the new photos that you post. There are so many layers within them :D. I am glad you liked the one about my grandfather, he was one of my greatest teachers.


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