In a Tizzy

Who am I again?
This past week I found out my personal information (identity) had been stolen to set up a Verizon Wireless account. The identity theft changed the first name on the account to Amir and is nowhere to be found. The day I found out I really didn’t feel anything other than “well they really didn’t steal who I am just what the US needs to identify me.” Somewhere in the week I lost this thought and have been mentally drained by all the running around to protect myself from this person and possibly others down the line.
Fear to Clear
Fear has brought me to a state of total mental exhaustion, but it has also given me the opportunity to reevaluate my life as to who I am and who I wish to be. Who am I? I am a fun loving person who wishes to bring love to others with my art and words. So I will not be mad at this person, I will only send them love because I do not know what brought them to this act. I will continue on my path towards better days and brighter smiles for myself and others. So thank you “Amir” for pushing me forward into myself.


3 thoughts on “In a Tizzy

  1. I have another friend that had something similar happen. What an experience of emotions you must have had. Glad you are standing in your full power! Keep smiling that beautiful smile!


  2. Oh, hugs to you, Mandi, for turning to beauty of heart as the way to respond to this frustrating experience. I love the post and the image.


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