A Seasoned Oak in Battle Creek

oldest tree in bc

After having said “My biggest vision is to visit the oldest trees around the world,” in “Dreams Unfolding,” I caught a glimpse of where to start. On my mother’s bedside table was a palm sized note pad with the title “Oldest Tree in BC.” Laughing I picked up this little coincidence and read the 9 lines written upon its page.


Talking with my Elder

I have passed by this remarkable tree many times, and never noticed its age or brilliance. Last month I visited Irving park, I sat down and started the interview right away of what kind of life it has lived. I had no inner answer so I then asked if it was male or female, not in the sense of particular sex but what energy it gave off more, feminine or masculinity. Not thinking or hearing any answer again I looked to the ground and saw leaves scattered across the ground. In my head I thought “these must be her leaves” and I got my answer. The overall soothing and quiet energy as well felt more feminine.  The tree felt so quiet though that I wondered if it was still alive. The warmth of the bark against my back told me no, she was still alive just shy when approached the way that I did lol. Next time I will try to warm up to her first. 😉


She rests beside busy streets, near the hospital. A stone guard watches over her with a copper plate that states this white oaks approximate growth date of 1547  and to “Please Cherish It”.  Close by is Irving Park, a modest pond where everyone goes to feed the birds. I have always felt drawn to this spot and after clarifying my dreams, I think I know why.


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