Why Trees?


A Fascination

I’m not sure when it started but my fondness of trees today shows in my art, writings and feelings. I think of trees as strong resilient beings. Since my heart surgery as a child I have always felt like I was fragile and maybe this is why I am drawn to these majestic creatures.


Their Strength

The strength I see in trees is from their hard bark and ability to bend with the seasons. In Spring they start anew and thrive from a prosperous time of growth. Summer brings them warmth and sunlight to continue their reach towards the sky. In the Fall, they begin to withdrawal and conserve what they need for the following season. Winter is the time for stillness and solitude. During these times they also give back constantly to their community.




Trees give back so much to this planet that it often baffles me. They absorb elements that other beings cannot and produce oxygen to give the whole world life. Not only that but they create a community for other creatures like bacteria, insects, birds, and other mammals. The love they give to the world is a love I wish to share and so I create my art. ~ 🙂



6 thoughts on “Why Trees?

  1. i started drawing trees when I was 6 or7 yrs old. I spent a lot of time hiking in the woods with my dad. hunting wild mushrooms gives one every opportunity to see, touch, and feel the trees around you scouring the the forest floor for the tasty morsels that try to elude you. Trees: I love the texture, smell, and beauty of the oxygen rich canopy that covers us with shade 5 months out of the year and a lofty point-of-view the rest. Your post opened a door in my mind that has been locked since my dad departed this plain 17 years ago. Thanks.


    • I am grateful to have helped you bring forth such a fond memory from a simple piece of art, that is why I love art is because it can help you see things you forgot or inspire new paths to come 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story! ❤


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