Winters Past 2013

winters past

I decided to do a throw back post of a draft I was working on in early 2013, with today being the first day of Winter I found it to be perfect.

Bitterness of Winter Broken with Love

When winter came along I felt the coldness of the weather and snow to be unbearable. I realized how bitter and grumpy I was being and decided to look at the snow in another light. I wondered where my winter wonderland as a child had gone. I decided in that moment that I would recreate my childhood wonder and excitement once again.

snow woman

Notice the heart shaped nose ^_^

Gifts of a Child at Heart

While walking to my college class I stopped and made a heart with my tracks, then walked on. At first I wanted to wait and watch how many people it would effect, but then I thought “No this is not for me (the process of creating was) the rest is left for nature and its passer-byers.” Throughout the day I continued with more “love art” and left “I Love you!” and hearts in the snow. As I walked by the tree outside my window I had another idea come to me, “ahh a snow heart, for the first living thing that greats me every morning, I will make a snow heart.” Out of all the art I created that day I only took the picture of the heart next to the tree. Doing this has now sparked up a ton of hearts that I now find in nature from rocks, clouds, leaves, and even in the cracks of drying dirt. Nature continues to remind me that it loves me and that I am getting closer to truly loving myself.

snow heart-001

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