The Artist’s Way: Week 1

So day one! I’ve only done a few activities from the book, the affirmations and my other lives. I wrote them both out on my artist pad & doodled on the page for extra creativity.

Artist way1

I often struggle with how my art looks compared to other artists, so that is where my first affirmation came from. The second one comes from me filling in moments of boredom with other things that aren’t as important as developing my art style. As for the dream lives I wish in another life that I could have been more spiritual, creative, and connected more with people, nature and the earth.


I had a hard time getting myself to read through the first week of the book and to do the exercises. I laugh at myself because working through “The Artist’s Way” at school for a grade was easier than doing it on my own.  When I finally sat down and had done the exercises though  lol, l had fun with it and learned a bit more about myself. I am reaching new levels of understanding my fears and wants, and look forward to what comes next in week 2.


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