The Artist’s Way: Week 2

Checking In

So far I have had my ups and downs while working through this week. I’m not the type of person that likes to read books unless it has an exciting adventure for a character. I got through it, but with more of a “I must do this attitude” rather than having an open mind. I think this is because I have gone through the first part of the book many times now on different occasions. Though when I got to the exercises for this week I had a spark of creativity ignite.

The Work

I was happy to see that the dream lives exercise was on this weeks as well. I had fun drawing myself in the many different lives and thought “hey maybe this could be a fun idea for a comic series”. So more to come about that in upcoming posts ;). The other exercise I chose was the life pie, you put a dot in the middle for least fulfillment and most fulfillment near the edge. I found this disheartening that I only felt satisfied in one area, so next week I will try to add more fun things to each category.


*Sunday’s Post will be about my scheduled “Artist Date” for myself, which will be a nice long walk in the woods with my camera. See you then 😉 ~


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