A Day For Myself

An Artist’s Date
In the Book “The Artist’s Way” each week you set a date for yourself and your creativity, these are always done by yourself. Usually from 2hrs or more you pick something interesting to do and do it or fall into something else and find something wonderful. My Artist date was a walk in the woods with my camera and journal. Here were my findings about myself and nature.
New Discoveries About the Self
 I almost deleted this part out because it reveals a lot about myself , but this is what this month is about, to share my inner and outer progress through “the Artist’s Way”. So here it is, my journal entry during my walk.


I feel at ease when I am with nature, like the feeling you get from returning home after a long trip. I often feel alone within myself, but when I am outside I feel whole. Amongst the wind, trees, and animals I feel an instant connection. I do not care about connecting with them because its already there, they need nothing from me. Sometimes I find it hard to connect with people and keep a conversation going. I always want acceptance from people so I try hard to start and keep a conversation going, sometimes to the point of awkwardness. I feel I am expected to talk or almost entertain when around people, but deep down I feel I am a quiet soul. One who likes to observe, shy is what most people think. For me, watching others is just my way of learning, not on how to be, but about how the world works.


I found this interesting about myself because I never looked into why I wasn’t more of an “outgoing person” or why I got anxious around people. I feel expected to act a certain way and my fear of my original self not living up to those expectations has stopped my from showing people who I really am. 

A Perfect End to the Day

After writing I felt like I learned something new about myself and when I ran across this, I knew I was on the right track to finding a better connection with myself and others.


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