A Day to Bloom

Conquering Fears

I had another Artist Date for myself today and it was one that would help me face my grandest fear, public speaking.


When I was in college, presentations were my worst nightmare. I would have to write out small phrases on my hands or cards to keep me on topic or from forgetting my speech altogether. I remember one time I had felt the room spinning, my right leg was going numb from quivering, and my voice was rattling from my nerves. I enjoy talking to people one on one, but as a group “No way!”.


Just an Idea

I was told by one of my teachers that there was a group in town that helped people with their confidence in speaking, but had never gone. Luckily these groups are located in practically every city. Today was my day though and I decided to check out this “Toastmasters Club” group.


I expected to see all business men and women preforming immaculate presentations with a seriousness that made you listen. Or people that would be grading me as I spoke, but I was wrong beyond all measures. Everyone was pretty animated in their talks, fun and light hearted. The interaction of standing up at the podium was only but a minute or two and I felt no judgment of grading me at my performance. I am glad that I went and that I had the courage to try something that I have been afraid of all my life. The one thing I love about Artist Dates is that you never know what to expect when you explore an interest for fun or for improvement.


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