The Artist’s Way: Week 3

Top 5 Passed Idols

This exercise was to figure out the qualities of idols I was drawn to and if I feel the need to live out similar experiences for myself.

Mother Teresa

I was always drawn to the strength of Mother Teresa’s faith and service. The compassion and care she gave to the sick and dying was another quality that I have wanted to establish within myself.

Georgia O’Keefe

I had Georgia O’keefe as an artist study in highschool and saw her as an amazing woman artist. I enjoyed the vibrant colors she used for her flowers, landscapes, and skulls.


I see Gandhi as the ultimate peaceful warrior. He stuck with his peaceful protests and fought for many things that he believed in.

Henry David Thoreau

One of my favorite nature writers is Thoreau and he had similar nature philosophy as me. My favorite quote from him is “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined”.


I am intrigued by all shamans from different cultures, on how they heal people with spiritual channeling and with plants from the environment.  This “old” form of medicine feels necessary today with all the cultural disconnection from nature.


I have gone through most of my idols occupations, I worked as a home health aid, I love to express myself through artistic mediums,  and this blog is an outlet for my nature writings. The only qualities of my idols I haven’t developed are more towards spiritual faith and finding something that I believe in to share with the world.


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