The Artist’s Way: Week 5


Imaginary Lives 
Yay! I was sooo happy to see this one again! This is the second time dancer came up so I guess I better dance more ^_^. I forgot to add a carpenter object though. The reason why I put that one down was b/c I’d like to build my own tiny house someday and knowing the skills how to would be nice.



If I had money what adventures would I do:

  • Learn from indigenous tribes and do my best to protect them and their land

  • See the oldest live tree known on earth

  • Visit Bali

  • See the Pyramids in Giza

  • Visit the Redwood Forest

  • Go to Hawaii to relax


3 thoughts on “The Artist’s Way: Week 5

    • 🙂 I do too! As for the singing, I only sing when no one can here me 😉 maybe I can do that in another post though, a video of me singing ^_^


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