Unexpected Artist Date

While running a quick errand for my father, I decided to stop and eat an amazing black bean burger at Players Bar and Grill, then drop into the local Arboretum. I was going to have my artist date later in the week, but the timing and weather was too perfect to pass up. Since I had my camera with me I thought “why not?”


Pictures1 (3)
Gotta Love Flowers

I found a new setting on my camera (extreme close-up) and had a great time playing around with different angles ^_^.


Pictures (2)fix

Leaves and Things

I captured my palm tree friend after seeing their sad umbrella tops. As I walked around in the grass I found the design of a decaying leafs’ veins intriguing. The one below gave me a sense of fun and play as if the budding leaf were a fairy ready to dance. The other pictures unmentioned had appealing color compositions such as: cool colors, complimentary colors, and contrast of light and dark.


Pictures1 (2)

Do You See What I See?

Towards the end of my Artist Date I looked down and saw little hearts here and there upon my jeans. Yet another good day~ ❤


P.S. Thank you dad for giving me the opportunity to have a wonderful day 😉


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