Its Back~

Give Love Project: 3rd Times the Charm

Give love by creating random art to uplift others, this year lets make it go world wide! Our annual Give Love Project is rolling around to its third yr! Last years winner was Jennifer Bradshaw with her family beach heart “Nature Love”(below). 


Jennifer Bradshaw


Project Details

  • When: From June 23rd until July 23rd (any entries before are accepted as well).

  • What: For an entire month I challenge everyone to create love for others with a small or large art project expressing some form of love. Remember to snap a pic and write in of your experience. You may send in as many photos as you wish. Examples are in the video above or check out the Heart Art Series. I found another good one on Pinterest.

  • Where: Create your piece anywhere as long as it doesn’t interfere with laws or is harmful for the environment.


What’s Next

The best pieces will be picked by Unfolding the Heart, and the top five rankings will then be picked by you the readers.


The Prize

1st place: A $10 gift card of choice/ photograph and story will be featured in the blog at the end of July.

2nd place: The photograph and story will be posted in an upcoming post.

3rd-5th place: Photo will be posted as supporters of giving love to others in the July post.


Send Pictures and e-mail/ address to one of the following:


Facebook page:

Facebook group:


6 thoughts on “Its Back~

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  2. Hi Mandi,
    I’m interested in photography too, and have blogged about it several times.
    We met in the Community Pool. I’m glad you liked my comment about the benefit of networking there. Nice to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

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