Monday Connection: Clouds


What do you see in the clouds?

Ask Yourself

When was the last time I lain on the grass and looked up at the sky? When was the last time I noticed the shape of the clouds above me? If there are no clouds today skip the activity below and write in what you see in the picture above (I’ll post what I see later 🙂 ).



  • On a nice day with the big fluffy clouds, take at least 10 minutes to go outside

  • Lie in the grass or in a reclining chair.

  • Clear your mind of your daily needs and tasks and look up at the sky.

  • Take notice of the clouds, the way the move, and (if the sun is setting) the change in their color.

  • If there are any shapes, what do you see?

  • Breathe in the fresh air and let it out, stay as long as you wish ;).


If you have a nice experience or have had a previous experience watching the clouds please comment below of your wonderful tale.


This activity was inspired by the post Cloud Watching.


6 thoughts on “Monday Connection: Clouds

  1. I do a fun daily (when it’s not raining out) where I sit and wait for all my brother and sister beings to become used to me sitting there, and then I being what I call ‘secret spot meditation’ just being and communing with the Green Ones! I love the clouds, and often imagine them to be a Battle Star Galactica fleet 🙂 Especially when their moving so slowly!

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