8 thoughts on “A Day of Reflection

  1. My main blog page doesn’t show the title…does anyone know how to fix this? I deleted the same post multiple times and it does the same thing. This has happened before, next to my post in the options their is a picture next to the title.


  2. The post is showing both the blog site title and the title of the individual post, which today seems to be a lovely picture. Your experience may be due to how you’re choosing to view the post. Best, Dara

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  3. I figured out the problem! When I went to re-edit the post through the “beep boop” editor 😉 In “Advance Settings” -Post format, the automatic settings were set to image only. I switched it to Standard and walla the title is back on the main blog! I thought I’d share in case anyone else ran into the same problem.


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