Fall in Love: Art Collection

Disclaimer: The music in this video is not mine, it is by Yann Tiersen, “introduction to music.”

4 thoughts on “Fall in Love: Art Collection

  1. Mandi, this is beautiful!! I love it. I went back to watch it again, but there was a different youtube menue with other stuff. I couldn’t get back to it. I don’t know if it is just my machine or true for everyone. Maybe if I get off this site, close it and open it back up I can watch it. I’ll let you know. Very much worth watching again!!

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    • ^_^ thank you! Yeah, YouTube has a way of advertising other videos. I usually refresh the website I’m on to take care of that or if it has it, the refresher/replay button in the bottom corner of the video. I hope one of these work for you!


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