Ebbs and Flows



Life is but an endless ebb and flow of emotions. This year has been really difficult for me and I must have sensed the events that were to unfold before my short break from the blog. As a writer I always try to look on the bright side of life, but this past month had me sinking from all the waves of loss.


I almost didn’t write this post out of fear of changing my blog’s tone which was to have a happy outlook with nature, be all about play, and the great discoveries of one’s self. Underneath it all though, the blog has been about the overall “unfolding” of the heart and with all joy there is also sadness.  This thought reminded me of a movie I watched recently,Inside Out“. Spoiler alert: The movie is mainly about how joy needs sadness just as much as sadness needs joy. Sadness creates an appreciation of how special each moment is and happiness creates memories to help us through times of difficulty. 


So as a heads up to my readers, my posts may not be like they were before, but hopefully they will evolve into something more these next couple of months. One’s with more compassion and appreciation of each passing moment.





8 thoughts on “Ebbs and Flows

  1. Yes, an unfolding heart includes depths of sadnesses and joys, each moment precious. I’m so sorry for your losses Mandi. As you stay in your heart through the ebbs and flows of grief, may you know that it is unfolding beautifully. Your heart is so lovely, Mandi., it could do nothing less.
    Blessings to you during this time and always,

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  2. Moved me to tears, Mandi, but in a good way. So, your writing most effectively let me experience what you were writing about in this post. The gallery of photos was very eloquent too. Love the sensitivity and feeling here.

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  3. I’m so sorry for you loss and sadness. May the memories bring peace that lives in in your heart. Keep coming to your middle ground and give yourself permission to feel all that you feel. This is life at its fullest.

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