A Change of Plans


Sometimes plans don’t always go the way you want them to. Our Winter Nights Drive to look at Christmas lights got canceled due to last minute changes, so I decided to tap into my creativity to pass the time. One night of play turned into a week of different art projects~ ❤


The heart picture above was carved out of a fallen pine branch over 3yrs ago. It needed a touch up so I shaved it down to give it a better shape.


I happened to look down at my desk and captured this picture with my camera. I find natural layering fascinating. I have pictures of my trip to Asheville, North Carolina under the glass to my desk. I needed better lighting while carving so I brought my lamp closer to the table. You can still see shavings from my carved heart.


I played around with watercolors on a new type of paper made out of rocks instead of trees (Mineral Paper). This is not a good paper for watercolor, but I wanted to test it out for myself lol.


Here I had put a piece of glass over my original drawing and colored with a different color to give it an underwater feel.



With this past week being Christmas I did a few personalized gifts. This one was for my boyfriend’s brother, I drew him as a Pokemon trainer with his favorite Pokemon, Squirtle.



This one was for his dad, I made a portrait of his fur-boy Johnny.


Hopefully I will keep up my artwork on into this week and those to follow, it was fun to feel like myself again ^_^.


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