Nature and the Urge to Create


I have been struggling lately with the idea of using paper and other supplies to create my art. I have a strong connection to trees and can’t bare the thought of watching one get cut down.  This feeling has become overwhelming recently and has sent me into a spiral of questions: “Is my art really important to express, Can I express it in another way? One that is more in line with nature than towards the destruction of it?”


An Idea
I think the reason I was originally drawn to Nature art was because sticks and leaves were my mediums and grass or sidewalks were my canvas. Where ever I leave my work of art is almost the same as nature dropping it off for other life forms. Maybe this is a calling for me to return to my older ways 😉 .

Have you ever experienced the thought of “Is my art important or sustainable?”


3 thoughts on “Nature and the Urge to Create

  1. I think this is a question we commonly ask ourselves, no matter what our medium might be. I’ve addressed this in a few of my blog posts myself and come to the conclusion that if it pleases ME, my art has served its purpose. Not surprisingly, that’s contagious and others tend to like it, too 🙂

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