Water Reflections

Every once in awhile, I notice a new angle or perspective of photography that I like to take. I’ve done Under GlowFrom BelowReflection of Shadows, to contemplate on the reason I am drawn to particular subjects.


So Why Water Reflections?

Water reflections have a mysterious quality to them. They can either reflect a symmetrical copy or make an abstracted version of its surroundings. There is also a chance to see a bit of the environment below its’ surface. When I look at water reflections I feel a sense of wholeness. 


Where does the Wholeness Come From?

Okay, this is going to get deep, so stay with me, lol. When I thought about what draws me to take these pictures all I could think of was the holy trinity. I, though, interpret the holy trinity as body, mind and spirit. The wholeness I feel when I take these pictures stem partly from breaking down what I see into the three categories.


I see the environment that is being reflected, above the water, as the body. What’s above is solid. The environment below the water is the mind, the water underneath moves and flows. And the reflection itself on the water as the spirit. I have always thought that spirit rested somewhere in between the two. Confusing, I know but that is what came up. By breaking off into three and coming back to one, this is what I feel drawn to the most. The wholeness of all life.



Ending Note

Out of all of my Photography Reflections, this one was by far the hardest to explain. Makes me wonder why I wanted to do it, lol. I am always searching for ways though to better understand myself so maybe that’s why…


Has anyone else thought of water reflections in this way before or have any insight?


3 thoughts on “Water Reflections

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  2. The photos of the reflections and your own “reflections” did create a wonderful wholeness. I continue to be impressed by how much thoughtfulness you put into the attraction that nature has for you. I love the way you equate the levels of seeing the reflections with body, mind, and spirit. Beautifully done.

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