Passion and Knowledge


I’ve known this one awhile, 🙂 a Dogwood tree.

I recently realized that as much as I love nature, I haven’t really learned the names of the different types of plants in my home state, Michigan. I went through old photos of interesting subjects from previous walks through the woods and tried to look up their names.


British soldier lichen (red and green) with either foliose or Parmelia lichen (white).


Fly agaric/ fly amanita mushroom


Ghost plant/ Indian pipe


I think this one is Mnium Moss.


I haven’t been able to identify this tree…Do you know?


Sometimes it’s easy to find the classification of plants/animals, and other times you need help from friends, lol. From now on I’ll try to find the correct names for my subjects so that I can continue to share the knowledge. 😀


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