Watercolor Wednesdays: Comfortably Scattered


I don’t have any finished watercolors this week, I hit a block so I tried to blast it away with a bunch of different projects at once. Plus, I didn’t feel drawn to last weeks starter works so I created more and added a bit to an older one.

I like how the thread one is turning out, but the one next to it was a challenge. I tried to soak the paper in water to crumple and stain it, but I didn’t realize there was nothing in the house to stain it with, lol. So, I just played with the wet paper and tested how it reacted to the colors and cracks. The bottom left picture started with tea drippings from earlier in the week. I grabbed a few leaves from the ground and painted over them to leave an imprint. The last one was from a yr or so ago, I’ve seen the rabbit in it for awhile. I did a digital rendering of it in “What Would You Be” because at the time I was afraid of ruining it. This time I felt a bit more confident to bring my bunny rabbit forward ^_^. This is it for this week, more to come next week!


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