Magnificent Murals

By MRPRVRT on Capital.

Wednesday I spent the day with my good friend Susan. She thought we’d enjoy a drive (around Battle Creek, MI.) to check out the new murals from the event “Color the Creek” back in August. As you can tell we had a spectacular day 😉 .


We had many smiles and little coincidences throughout the day~ ❤


This was our guide. We found out the one on Columbia(H.) was never completed 😦 but the others made up for it.


We started at the bright butterfly and bee mural by the artist Jaziel. In a few places you could see faces peeking through the swarms.


After that we headed to Capital and visited the mural “Like One.” This one wrapped around an old parking/building lot. I liked the abstraction and choice of colors. I saw rain, leaves and flowers in this one.


Next we went to get something to eat at Umami Ramen and man was it good! On the side of their building was this woman and a Buddhas face by Sintex. This was one of my favorite murals. 

This artist also had another mural he did at last years “Color the Creek” of Sojounor Truth. 


We didn’t see this one the other day but I had seen it before and thought it was done really well.


When we got done eating we headed across the street to see the next masterpiece. I loved the colors in WERC’s mural and thought that the paint on the post/wire cover was a nice touch. 


Our last stop was at Heritage Cleaners by David Eldred. The colors were much more vibrant than what we were able to capture. The blues, orange and reds really popped out at us. I really liked the representation of the boy using flowers to put out the fire from the dragon.


Out of all of the murals though I really enjoyed the owl at the top, by MRPRVRT, the most. Up close you could see the strokes and yet still see the attention to detail to make it look real.


 Right next his work, we noticed nature wanted in on the murals as well, about 2-3 feet above the side walk we found this little guy 😉 .

Past Paintings

Since we’re in the mural mood I wanted to share a few previous artists works too, plus one I stumbled upon the Monday evening.

While looking for previous murals I found these two. I’ll look up their locations and put them in in a bit.

One more ~ ❤

This past Monday I took a walk and found this under a bridge…. ❤


I didn’t realize it till I got home and went through my pictures but towards the bottom of the picture on the left there were hearts that walked up to “eyes are.” 🙂 

Well that’s it for now, lol. See you again soon!

Photo Credit goes to Susan Strazisar

If you want to see some of the artists and a few pictures of the process check out the link below~

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