Anime Leaves

I was walking with Odin last week and saw a few old leaves that caught my eye. I thought “I wonder if I could draw my anime faces on these.” So I brought them home. It was rainy today and started to snow, so I decided to test my idea. I made the little one first. I soaked the green one in water then flattened it out and used an iron on it (with a cloth behind and above it). It was a lot easier to draw on than the first.

The red one was from a pressed leaf I had in my ” treasure box” 😉 . The red guy and girl are on the same leaf. The guy was on the bottom, lighter side, and the girl was on the brighter red. I had quite a bit of fun this morning drawing and coloring them. ^_^ I think I found a new place to draw my anime on 😉 . Now I just have to find a way to preserve them.

*I’m thinking about adding another day besides Thursdays so I will update you soon. See you next week, or sooner 😉 !

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